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Amtico Flooring offers the option of creating one's own unique design vision.

Amtico considers itself to be the pioneer of the luxury vinyl tile product category and prides itself on its production of flooring materials that marry the aesthetic of natural materials with the performance characteristics of synthetics.
Its line offers the option of creating one’s own unique design vision with the use of any of the multitude of colors, patterns and textures available.  The products fall into the abstract, wood and stone categories, each with numerous variations.


Wood - Shibori Lapsang

Shibori Lapsang | CODE: AR0W7790

It's possible to create a dramatic or simple motif with this versatile product.  It offers a unique
and modern look that is suitable for most any contemporary space.               

Wood - Limed Grey

Limed Grey Wood |  CODE: AR0W7670

For a sleek or sophisticated look, combined with rustic charm, select Limed Gray Wood with its 'smoky' tones.  Its rough timber style and special detailing make it a realistic rendition of reclaimed oak boards.   It provides a warm and inviting look without appearing the least bit industrial.               

Linear Metalic Steel

Linear Metallic Steel | CODE: AR0ALA21
As its name implies, Linear metallic is graphic, yet subtle in its appeal.  Ideal for the loft setting, with the mere hint of industrial good looks.

It offers the look of brushed aluminum, and is the perfect match for brushed or chromed metal that may be present in a room in the form of other design elements.

When laid in alternating patterns, it creates interesting shading effects as seen in the image above.           

Stone - African Slate

African Slate | CODE: AR0SSL34
The handsome pattern and color combinations developed by Amtico flooring emulate the look of
real slate
.  The patterns are available in earth tones, greys and a variety of muted blues.

While providing an easy to maintain flooring solution, Amtico African Slate tile gives the homeowner the versatility of real slate.  A sophisticated appearance and supreme functionality are the answer for the space that requires a natural or a rustic aesthetic.  It is also a trendy solution for the room or rooms being designed with a 'reclaimed' look.              

Exposed Concrete

Exposed Concrete | CODE: AR0SEC30
Although a real concrete floor can present maintenance challenges, the look is appealing to many.  For the user searching for the uber modern look of concrete - one including the skimmed surface and bubbles found in the real thing - Amtico's Exposed Concrete flooring closely emmulates this unique look, while being highly functional.

It is versatile enough to be used in a residential loft or modern abode or in a high-traffic area.              


Stone - Sedimentary Grey with African Slate

Sedimentary Grey Stone |  CODE: AR0SSG31

The contrast and movement inherent in Sedimentary Grey allow it to be refreshingly modern, while still serving as a match with a more traditionally-inspired space.                  
African Slate |  CODE: AR0SSL34 

These square African Slate inserts give the appearance of real slate, yet offer much more in the way of functionality.  Whether the desired aesthetic is rustic, modern or reclaimed, this product fits the bill.  Possessing a very durable surface texture that emulates natural slate, it features blue, grey and ochre tones.  These earth tones are versatile and warmly appealing.
As is true of other products in the line, African Slate is easy to maintain. 

Stone - Graphite Slate with City Marble

Graphite Slate | CODE: AR0SSL23

Although much lighter in weight, this Graphite pattern tile has the look and ambience of a natural granite or basalt.  Use its varied sizes and shapes to create your own special design.   And, while creating original, dramatic effects with this exciting product, remember that you can use it anywhere without the risk of cracking and chipping that is inherent in natural slate.   This pattern is a perfect complement to a contemporary living space.
City Marble | CODE: AR0SEM33

Ideal for both those with minimalist tendencies and those looking for the ultimate in luxury tiles.  Tres chic!

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